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Why do i see ads?


As every website, even our website requires some sort of income. We're working hard to provide only best advertisements and for that reason, we're using Google ads. Google ads automatically display ads based on what you were looking for earlier or based on what you might like. Those pieces of information come from different sources like social media, websites, video streaming platforms, shops,... and are not related to our website. On downloads, we use because it's the best source of income and in most cases ads on those pages are safe. There are cases where strange ads appeared but you can simply skip those ads or use direct download.

Can i block ads?

Yes. You can block ads using adblock or adblock plus or any other extraction. We're not displaying warnings if you do so. But if you're blocking ads this means you're not supporting website and we know some website can be really annoying on ads placement, but we're always working to provide the best-looking website even with ads on it.

Can i disable ads blocking only on your domain?

Yes, you can. Simply left click on ad blocking addon and select "Don't run on pages on this domain" or "Disable on this domain". This will disable ads blocking for this domain and still block them on other websites.

What are disadvantages of blocking ads?

For you, website might look good better, but for other user, the experience will soon or later change. Owners of websites might add more and more ads to get all income that was lost and make the website look really bad and load slowly. At some point, they might even add addon to block users which use ad blocking add-ons from accessing/viewing the website and will at some point force you to disable ad blocking add-ons. (We're not talking for our website but overall) - So think about it and maybe enable ads on websites you love <3

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