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Are launchers from this website safe?

What we do:

All launchers from our website are safe and free to download. We check them with multiple anti-virus software to make sure everything works as it should without problems with false positives. But overall we guess you can see our effort that we're putting on the website. We're really responsible towards questions/problems and you can contact us on multiple medias and as you can see from our help center we have put a lot of effort into it. Still, we're not done, we will improve and make everything even better.

Launcher or website gets detected as unsafe:

We can ensure you that all launchers are safe to use. With WinRAR or 7zip you can access all files from our launchers and see for yourself that we haven't added any 3rd part application or virus to them. Sometimes web browser display warning, but that doesn't mean the file is unsafe (It usually display with all .jar files) about the website, you should check out your addons or use other web browsers. So far we're not aware of any problems with the website if there are problems we will fix them as soon as possible.

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