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How to purchase Minecraft Premium?


There are different websites around the internet which allow you to buy Minecraft with different methods. We have listed three of them below. (Please make sure to read descriptions on the website so you will purchase correct item. We're not responsible for any incorrect purchase!)

Official store:

  1. Visit official website Click me
  2. On this page scroll down, till you see BUY MINECRAFT FOR YOUR DEVICE
  3. Select device
  4. If you're not registred you will need to register and login
  5. Select option buy for yourself or send as gift
  6. Select one and click payment methode
  7. ClickPurchase and you're done.
  8. You will receive confirmation email.

G2A store:

  1. Visit G2A website Click me
  2. Search for Minecraft
  3. After you found the one you want, click on More Details
  4. After page loads click Buy now
  5. This will take you to checkout cart where you need to agree to terms and services and enter your email if you don't have account.
  6. After you're done click on Go to payment
  7. On next page you will need to select country and hit Continue
  8. Now it will take you to next page, on this page select payment method, login or enter info and you're done.
  9. You will receive your code in few minutes.

Go to local store:

You can also buy Minecraft from local store (if they do sell it, in most countries they don't)

 Still no luck? Contact us.