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I want to share launcher on this website

Want to help?

If you would like to share your launcher on our website there are few things you need to follow. Below we explain everything you need to know. If you have some questions about this feel free to contact us.

Things to follow:

  • Launcher type: .exe and/or .jar
  • Launcher language: English (other languages are optional)
  • Launcher safety: Checked with antivirus and should not include anything dangerous
  • Launcher branding: It can include the name of your website but it must include the title "For"
  • Launcher advertisements: You're not allowed to place ads in launcher itself or custom servers in servers area!
  • Launcher login type: Launcher must be non-premium. Other options like Premium,.. are totally optional.

Submitting launchers:

Your launcher can be submitted using Contact us form via topic Content submition or directly via email

 Still no luck? Contact us.