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How to perform a clean install of Minecraft or other launchers?


Most launchers have their directory located in a folder called "Roaming". You can access this folder by multiple ways and here is one of them:

  1. Press Windows Key + R then type in: %appdata% and press "OK"
  2. Look for folder with "." (dot) infront of folder name
  3. Most launchers use their name as folder name (Example: .minecraft), (Example: .Technic),...
  4. Open launcher folder & backup all needed files (save games, versions, textures,...)
  5. Remove all remaining content of folder & place back saved files
  6. Open launcher and give it few minutes to download needed files
  7. After download is complete you can play the game.

If you couldn't find a directory of your launcher, go to launcher settings it's usually listed as "Game directory" or "Directory".

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