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How to register on cracked server?

Where is this needed?

This method of login in is usually used on servers with "login plugin" and is usually only added on non-premium (cracked) servers (online-mode=false), to protect items of others, as anyone can use a random name. Premium servers won't be using those type of plugins as data is protected by Minecraft account.

Registration type one:
In most cases servers use command like: /register "password" "confirm password" (Example: /register Dog Dog) and to login use /login "password" (Example: /login Dog)
Registration type two:
In some servers it might be like: /register "password" (Example: /register Dog) and to login use /login "password" (Example: /login Dog Dog)
Registration type three:
If server use custom login plugin, you might need to enter email, or something else. In those cases you will need to contact Admin of server for help.

Password length!

It's recommended to use a strong password. Simple short passwords are easy to remember and use, but login hacks can check multiple passwords per second and find out your information (This might not happen if server use login protection (max login tries and kick after a failed attempt).

Password privacy!

Do not use your Mojang, social media, or any other important password. Server administrators, moderators have access to different plugins which can simply reveal your password. (Login data is also stored in logs. Admins can see everything you typed from commands to random chat).

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