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Tlauncher gives me error when i open launcher and/or start game

Following problems are most common when it comes to crashing:
Outdated Java (or Java is not installed)
Minecraft launchers require a certain version of Java to work properly. Make sure you're using Java 7 or Java 8. If Java is not installed make sure to install it as it required with most custom launchers.
GPU Drivers
Outdated graphics card drivers could cause launcher to crash. Update launchers to the latest version available.
Firewall or Anti-Virus could be blocking certain elements of the launcher. Temporarily disable them. If the problem is solved add Java & Launcher to exclusions list.
Customizations or Mods could cause launcher to crash. Make sure mods are properly installed (or remove any customizations done to Minecraft)
Clean Installation
Removing old Minecraft folder usually fix all problems with Minecraft. If multiple launchers were in use some could damage Minecraft files and were not replaced by new launcher as they already exist.
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