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Minecraft crash after adding mod

Possible causes:

First test if Forge is working without mods, if there's no problem read following topics. If launcher doesn't start at all, the problem is related to Forge (installation of forge).
Non-Forge Mod to Forge
Make sure mod you have added to Minecraft is not non-forge mod. Non-forge mods need to be manually installed into version file.
Forge Mod to Non-Forge
Make sure mod you have added to version file is not forge mod. Forge mods need to be added to mods folder using Forge.
Version problem
Check the version mod supports on website from which mod was downloaded. Older mods might not work with newer version of Minecraft (same goes for newer mods with older version).
Mods bugging each other
Some mods simply can't work with each other. Remove all mods from folder and add one by one (it can take some time but it will show which mod is causing the problem).
As more mods are added Minecraft requires more ram. Allocate more ram to Minecraft.
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