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How to install forge mods?

Text tutorial on how to install forge mods.

  1. First, make sure to run the version of Minecraft on which you want to install mods to at least once.
  2. Go to Forge site and select version which you need (example: 1.10.2)
  3. Select version you want to use"Universal" (.jar file) or "Installer-win" (.exe file)
  4. The file will start downloading after you skip one official ad (there is button in top right corner that say "Skip ad")
  5. After download is complete, open the file.
  6. Installation window will appear, simply hit "Ok", after installation is done message will appear that should say (Successfully installed,..) if show error you probably haven't download version of game before.
  7. Press Windows Key + R then type in: %appdata%\.minecraft and press "OK"
  8. As folder opens create new folder called "mods"
  9. Open folder mods and drag & drop your Forge mods inside
  10. Now open your launcher, go to Edit profile and from version list select version "Release *.*.* Forge*.*.*"
    (Example: Release 1.10.2 Forge1.10.2)
  11. Click Save profile and play the game.
Game Crashing:
If game is crashing it could be duo amount of mods added (some mods can't work together or mod is non-forge). It could be also caused by the wrong version of mod (mods needs to be same version as version file).
Mods versions:
When adding a mod to version file, make sure mod is the same version or is confirmed to work with the version you're trying to use it with. If you're trying to play Minecraft 1.11.2 make sure mod is also made for version 1.11.2 (some mods also work if the last number is not same so 1.11.2 Minecraft might also work with 1.11.0 mod)

If this tutorial is to hard for you, watch one of following videos, it show same steps:

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