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How to install non forge mods?

Text tutorial on how to install non-forge.

  1. Press Windows Key + R then type in: %appdata%\.minecraft and press "OK"
  2. As Minecraft folder open go to folder named versions, select version you want to modify
  3. Copy & paste selected folder in same the directory and rename it to random name (In our case we will call it mods)
  4. Open folder and rename all files to name you selected (in this example "mods")
  5. Use text editor to open file "mods.json" (You can use Notepad on Windows)
  6. In .json file there is line ("id": "1.10",) (1.10 is example in your case might be different), change "1.10" to name selected before
  7. Now file should look like ("id": "mods",) make sure not to remove any ":, symbols!
  8. Save the file and close text editor.
  9. Now open .jar file with Winrar, 7zip,... (in this case mods.jar)
  10. Inside .jar file remove folder called META-INF
  11. Open your mod file (use winrar/7zip), select all files and drag them to modified .jar file ("mods.jar" in this case)
  12. As replacing is done close winrar, 7zip,...
  13. Open your Minecraft launcher, go to Edit profile and select version from versions list (in this case "mods")
  14. Save profile and play game :)
Game Crashing:
If game is crashing it could be duo amount of mods added to version folder (some mods can't work together or some files were replaced by another mod). It could be also caused by the wrong version of mod (mods needs to be same version as version file). Most users make mistake at step 6.
Mods versions:
When adding a mod to version file, make sure mod is the same version or is confirmed to work with the version you're trying to use it with. If you're trying to play Minecraft 1.11.2 make sure mod is also made for version 1.11.2 (some mods also work if the last number is not same so 1.11.2 Minecraft might also work with 1.11.0 mod)

If this tutorial is to hard for you, watch following video, it show same steps: Video Tutorial

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