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Minecraft launcher won't start


In many cases Minecraft launcher won't start, duo missing application, outdated drivers or something else. It can also be caused by anti-virus, firewall or windows itself. Here are few suggestions that might fix the problem for you:

Old launcher files
If you were using other Minecraft launcher before, old files could cause a problem with our launcher (or any other). Try to remove old folder, this should fix all problems. (Before attempting to do this, make sure to backup needed files (e.g. worlds, mods, textures,...). If you're not sure where folder is located use this tutorial: Where is Minecraft Directory?
Update Java & Graphic card drivers
Sometimes outdated drivers could cause problems with different games. In Minecraft case try to update Java to the latest version of Java 7 or Java 8. Also, make sure graphics card drivers are updated as well.
Java 9
Currently, Java 9 is not working with Minecraft. If you're using it remove it and install Java 7 or Java 8.
Temporarily disable Windows firewall and/or Anti-virus application. Those could be blocking launcher itself or connection to the internet which could cause problems. If that's the case add launcher to exclusions.
Update launcher
Visit download page of the launcher and update your launcher. Currently, only Minecraft launcher is automatically updating all others needs to be manually downloaded.
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