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Getting kicked out of Multiplayer servers constantly

Possible causes:

You're not using correct version of Minecraft
If you're getting error "Outdated client!" it means you're using older version which is not supported by the server. If you're getting error Outdated server! it means the server is running older version of Minecraft. The version of server is usually writen on official website or in description of the server.
Your spawn location is corrupted
Spawn location can get corrupted sometimes. Cause of this might be related to a bug or even which happened before you left. Usually, you will see yourself bugging in block or jumping around the map. The only way to fix this is force teleport by admin or user data reset.
Server owner has setup auto kick on you. This could be duo violations of server rules. If you have done something you shouldn't this could be the cause of it. Auto Kick is probably time limited so after few hours (depending on punishment) you will be able to join again. For more information contact server staff.
Some mods/hacks can be detected by plugins which could cause server to automatically kick you. If you're using such mod try to disable it and join again.
Other errors
If you're seeing error on screen, type it down and look it up on our Help Center or Google it. This is probably the best way to find a solution for it.
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