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Resource packs not showing up

Resource related problems:

Resource pack is not properly configured
You can't do anything about this other than contact developer or try an older version.
Resource pack is packed into two folders
Make sure resource pack is packed into .zip file and not into .rar or any other format if it is open it and extract .zip file.
Resource pack file type might not be supported by Minecraft
There are many different versions of resource packs. Some of them require special mods to work with Minecraft (usually for HD/HQ resource packs 64x64,128x128,..). In this case, you will need to find a mod that will fix this problem. In most cases, it's listed on the website from which you have downloaded the resource pack.
Resource pack was not placed in correct folder
You should put your Resource pack in the folder called "resourcepacks". You can access this folder by clicking "Open resource pack folder" button.
Resource pack is fake
Some users create fake packs to generate money from 3rd party websites.

For more information about how to install Resource pack check out following topic: How to install Resource pack

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