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How to join Multiplayer server?

Premium & Non-Premium:

  1. In main menu click "Multiplayer"
  2. Multiplayer list will appear
  3. Click on "Add server"
  4. You should now see two areas "Server name" and "Server Address"
  5. In "Server name" section you can enter any name you like
  6. In "Server Address" enter IP of server you found online. (e.g. 123.456.789.123:1234 or
  7. After you entered name and server IP click "Done"
  8. Server is now added to servers list. Doubled click server or hit button "Join Server"
  9. Game will now take you to server.
Notice for Non-Premium players:
You won't be able to join premium servers. If you do, you will receive an error message like "Failed to connect to server." or "Failed to Log In: Invalid Session. (Try Restarting your game)." Restarting game, won't fix this as non-premium players can only play on servers with "online-mode=false". The only way for you to know if the server will work is to try it out or check the website for more information about server type.
If you're playing on Minecraft 1.10 version, you will need to join a server with version 1.10 or above till next version available (in this case 1.11). If you join older or newer version of the server, you will end up with an error. (Some servers support two different versions of the game but not all! "e.g. 1.7 and 1.8")
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