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List of required applications & system requirements


Few quick tips to get launchers working on your computer without bigger problems. Following tips are recommended to be done with all launchers.

Update your GPU drivers to latest version
Updating your GPU drivers (or any other drivers) is always a good idea. New patches include improvements which could improve your computer performance (make your PC faster) and fix older problems. (It's not recommended to update to unstable releases like BETA or ALPHA patches as those updates are usually buggy).
Update your Java to latest version (7 or 8)
Minecraft requires Java to run. As official launcher can work without it most others can't. Make sure you have the latest version of Java 7 or Java 8 installed. (Notice: Java 9 is currently not supported by Minecraft)
Remove old launcher folder
If you were using other launchers it's recommended to remove their folder before using any other launcher. This is mainly to prevent any bugs & improve performance. (Notice: Make sure to backup needed files like worlds, versions, mods,...).
Using multiple launchers (custom & original)
If you would like to use multiple launchers (custom launcher and original) make sure to change installation directory in one launcher. This will prevent custom files from corrupting launcher files, which could cause a problem with both launchers.
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