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How to update java and/or graphic card drivers?


Java and graphics card drivers can be downloaded from official pages that are listed below. Installation works as any other installation. Minecraft launcher sometimes requires java x64 for 64-bit system or x86 for 32-bit system. Download the latest version of java (currently java 8). In some cases downloading and installing java won't fix all problems, so you will need to download "Java SE Runtime Environment". This file is around 100Mb and it will fix most of the java related problems.

For graphics card drivers you will need to know the name of a company (e.g. AMD, ASUS,..) then you can download "Autodetect" tool which will download needed drivers. In some cases, there is no "Autodetect" so you will need to look for manuals, boxes of your graphics card.

Java pages:

Graphic card drivers download pages:

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