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Google Chrome Warning - Resolved (Explanation)

Thank you for taking few seconds of your time and reading this quick topic related to recent Google Dangerous website message. First of all, we would like to apologize to all our users for having to go thru this. We received notice regarding our website few hours before website receive the "Red Dangerous" message so we couldn't do much about it. Below you will find an explanation and few other information towards this problem.

The email we have received regarding this problem was really limited and at some point, we could say only thing connecting us to it was URL of the website itself. Under "Examples" table there were no pages/URLs listed so we couldn't know what the issue was. We could only visit the page which offers users explanation of message. At this point we believe that Google has made a mistake for following reasons:

  • Our website does not offer login or any payment methods.
  • There was no information given regarding which page or pages were affected.
  • All download links are marked and website will never download any file without clicking on "Download" button.
  • We're not using any 3rd party advertising website which would randomly open pages (ads) or auto download anything.

Just because there were no information provided we have still take few steps towards this problem and we have done following things:

  • Virus-scan entire website
  • Remove all content of website (pages/scripts/css/images,...)
  • Removed all unused databases/mail clients,...
  • Virus-scan our "working" PC and check the entire website again & re-upload clean version
  • Some security improvements

The only thing that could cause this problem is AdfLy. As AdfLy is old websites and millions of users are using it, the old domain is more or less full of links, so in recent months we have notice AdfLy is using new domain links and that could potentially cause the problem. But with this problem, we have replaced all "NEW" links with old AdfLy links.

Can you still trust us?

We're not here to tell you "Trust us", that's really up to each person to decide which website you should use. But we can say this:

MC-Launcher is working hard to provide users around the world good working launchers. We're here to help and not to trick people in any way and we're doing this for years. All our pages are written in HTML (using bootstrap) so everyone can inspect it and see components we're using. That's all from us, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.