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Updated website - Version 1.2.0

After days of working on our website, it's finally done. Here is a list of "Visible" changes. We hope you will enjoy seeing our website as it is and let us know what we can improve. If there are any new visible bugs, feel free to contact us and will resolve them. This is one of the first steps to make website bigger and better for everyone. The main focus of this update was to improve overall design and mistakes we have made in past. But don't worry, we haven't updated only visual parts of website :D

What's new in 1.2.0
v. 1.2.0
What's new in 1.2.0: (March 26, 2018)
[updated] Bug Tracker:
    - Updated UI
    - More information regarding bug
    - Easier to spot active/fixed bugs

[updated] Chaneglog:
    - Included side "Auto-scroll" for different website versions

[updated] Launchers Chaneglog:
    - Updated UI
    - More information regarding update (Old version, New version, Description, Date,...)
    - Easier to track updates & new launchers/games

[updated] Contact pages:
    - Updated UI
    - Faster access to contact forums
    - Basic Help
    - New contact form for Tools submitting

[updated] Help Center:
    - Updated UI Help Center (Bigger text & visibility improvement)
    - Improved Search system (We're also working on new search system)
    - Updated all 40 Topics (Simplified  tutorials, visibility, gramatic mistakes,..)
    - Updated Topics UI

[updated] Home page:
    - Updated UI
    - More tools & improved visibility
    - Discord server link added
    - News & notifications added

[updated] Launchers page:
    - Updated UI

[updated] Launchers download page:
    - Updated UI
    - Visibility improvement
    - Download section updated
    - Direct download update
    - Tutorial & Requirements update

[added] News page:
    - Track upcoming changes (General news related to MC-launcher)

[updated] Servers list:
    - Updated UI
    - More servers added

[updated] Tools page:
    - Added 19 tools pages
    - Listed 37 tools on main tools page
    - Over 50 different tools accross all pages
    - List view for tools
    - Search & Filters
    - Preview & Tool infromation with direct links
    - Comment section