Launcher Info:

  • Version: 4.0 - 611
  • MCL Version: 1.2.0
  • Updated: 11.Jan.2021
  • Account: Free
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux


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About Launcher

Technic Launcher ensures a new experience every time Minecraft is played. The launcher installs and modifies the components of modpacks and features automatic updating, custom platform pack installation, and a simple user interface design. Once the modpacks are installed, they add new possibilities and dimensions to the original Minecraft game, such as the ability to fly aircraft. User can play default modpacks or download modpacks created by others. Most of modpacks require more ram as they include up to 60 different mods.


1. Scroll to download section, select suited launcher type and click "Download".

2. Once download is completed Drag & Drop launcher to preferred folder (e.g. desktop).

3. Double click on the launcher file Technic.exe or Technic.jar.

4. Give launcher few seconds to download needed files,

5. Enter your username and click "Enter". Select modpack & play. Enjoy playing!


Java: 32/64 Bit version of Java 7 or Java 8

RAM: 1-2GB (Recommended: 4GB or more)

HDD: 1-2GB of HDD Space (For Mods & Worlds)

Recommended: Clean installation folder to avoid problems

Full requirements list (CPU, GPU, RAM,...)


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