Version 1.0.1
October 10, 2017 v. 1.0.1

					      What's new in 1.0.1:

                                              [fixed] Some components not displaying correctly
                                              [fixed] UI Updates
                                              [fixed] Contact form not sending messages & text not displaying correctly
                                              [fixed] Fixed Http over https connection
                                              [fixed] Site displaying .html on url
                                              [updated] Fixed empty elements displaying for users that use adblock to make pages appear nice even for users that are not ready to support us.
Version 1.0
October 10, 2017 v. 1.0

					      What's new in 1.0:

                                              [new] Website layout -> all pages
                                              [new] Navigation -> From side to top area
                                              [new] Tools list - page
                                              [new] Servers list - page
                                              [new] Website Changelog - page
                                              [new] Launchers changelog - page
                                              [new] Partners - page
                                              [new] Discrod - page
                                              [new] Minecraft Story Mode - Season 2 - Episode 1,2
                                              [new] Ticket System - Website
                                              [new] Add server - Website

                                              [updated] Direct download Time - From 60 seconds to 30 seconds
                                              [updated] Launchers pages
                                              [fixed] Navigation bug - mobile
                                              [fixed] Broken links
                                              [fixed] Launchers preview images
                                              [improved] Website stability
                                              [improved] Website loading speed
                                              [improved] Website UI
                                              [improved] Download links
                                              [improved] Launchers list
                                              [improved] Help Center - topics
                                              [removed] Adfocus download links
                                              [other] Any many many other improvements :)