Bug Tracker:

Before reporting problem with launcher or website, check this page for new reports. This helps users determine if the bug is related to their PC and/or if the bug was already reported by others. If the bug is not reported yet, contact us for furder instructions.

Notice: All bugs are not always related to launcher or website. You can still contact us about that, but in most cases so far it turned out that bug was related to users PC.
Bug Tracker

A list of active and fixed bugs in launchers and website

                                                List of Active/Fixed bugs:
                                                [Launcher] Help Center - 404 not found on topics -> (16/Feb/2018 - Fixed)
                                                [Launcher] Feed The Beast -> (8/Feb/2018 - Fixed)

                                                [Launcher] Website - Google Chrome Dangerous website warning! -> (4/Feb/2018 - Fixed)
                                                [Launcher] Technic launcher - Outdated -> (14/Jan/2018 - Fixed)
                                                [Launchers] All launchers - Crash while using Java 9 -> (29/Dec/2017 - Active)

                                                [Servers List] Email not received "Email BUG" -> (25/Dec/2017 - Fixed)
                                                [Launcher] Minecraft - Crash at launch "Bootstrap bug" -> (29/Dec/2017 - Fixed)
                                                [Website] Servers list - Users can't submit server "Online/Offline bug" -> (28/Dec/2017 - Fixed)